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Having a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere at night is one of the worst nightmares of a driver. There are a lot of reasons for our tyres to get flat and one of them is getting punctured by sharp objects. Getting puncture repair in the wee hours can be difficult but with the help of a mobile tyre service with 24/7 operations, you are back on the road in no time. You just need to have a trusted 24/7 tyre repair shop in Melbourne and have their number saved to ease your worries during emergency road breakdowns.

But why and how do we get a punctured tyre? In this blog, 24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne answers the most commonly asked questions about punctured tyres to help you understand tyre punctures that cause flat tyres.

Our tyres are made out of rubber and we all know that rubber is not puncture-resistant. Most of the time the culprit of a punctured tyre are nails or screws on the street, but there are other reasons for a punctured tyre like:

  • Over-inflated tyres – Too much tyre pressure can increase your risk of a puncture when driven on potholes and other road hazards. This scenario can be dangerous if not noticed before a long drive. It is best to always gauge your tyre pressure before doing a long drive to ensure road safety.
  • Worn-out tyres – You may be using your car for a long time and neglected to check the condition of your tyres. Old and overused tyres are more susceptible to punctures. Their rubber lining is thinning already and a small sharp object on the road can easily put a hole in it. Make it a habit to list the purchase date of your tyres and regularly check its condition.
  • Unforeseen road hazards – Broken glass, loose nails and screws, deep potholes, sharp rocks and others are some of the road hazards we may fail to notice when driving. If not seen, these objects can puncture tyres and the reason for it to get flat. It is best to have a trusted 24/7 mobile tyre service to call whenever this happens.
  • Valve stem damage – It is the short protrusion in your tyre where you use to inflate it. When this part is damaged, it can leak air causing a flat tyre or make it more prone to punctures. Replace the valve stem immediately when needed.
  • Unsafe parking places – Leaving your car in places with high risk of criminal acts can be dangerous. Park it in areas wherein it is safe from people slashing tyres and doing other activities that can damage your vehicle.

What are the signs that your tyre is punctured and flat?

When driving a flat tyre, you may experience the following situations:

  • Shuddering or wobbling felt in maneuvering the steering wheels.
  • You may feel a thump or vibration while driving,
  • Steering wheel is less responsive.
  • Car suddenly steers to the left or right

What to do when you have punctured tyres?

It is advisable to have regular tyre check-ups from your trusted mechanic. Follow their advice on when to replace or repair your tyres to ensure road safety. If you experience a sudden flat tyre while driving, park your car in a safe place then check it. Look for the possible punctured area of your tyre. If you need an emergency puncture repair then call one of the best providers of mobile tyre service in Melbourne that offers ‘round the clock services: 24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne!

We are dedicated to giving prompt services during any road emergency breakdowns. Aside from puncture repairs we can also do mobile tyre sales & fitting, replacement, and fleet management.

For your tyre concerns, contact 24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne anytime!