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Factors to keep in mind while buying tyres-

1) Brand –

It is always a good idea to stick to well known brands. Even though these brands could be carrying a price premium but they offer high quality and back up support if something goes wrong with their product.

Consider other options if someone is trying to sell a brand to you which you’ve never heard of.

2) Performance –

While choosing new tyres for your car always keep in mind factors like grip,
durability, road noise and performance. For example, soft tyres provide increased grip but
wear off faster.

Grooved tyres have more road noise but provide a good grip on wet roads.
There are varied options in the market but it is upto you to go in for what you need the

3) Year of manufacturing –

Remember to check the stamped four digit code on the tyre which denotes the date of manufacturing. The first two digits indicate the month of manufacturing and the last two mention the year, so if a tyre is marked 0617, then it was manufactured in
June, 2017.

If any of the tyres you purchase has a three digit code, then it means that the tyre was manufactured in the 20th century and is an old one.

4) Directional vs asymmetrical –

Directional tyres are supposed to be fitted into a car with
their tread patterns facing a particular way.

If you will notice, the correct rolling direction would be indicated by an arrow on the side wall because if you fit the tyre the wrong way, it may result in reduced handling performance and a shorter lifespan.

Asymmetrical tyres should be fitted facing outwards and with a particular side.

5) Rolling resistance –

Some tyre manufacturers might try to tell you that tyres with low rolling
resistance have a better fuel economy but you should not accept these claims blindly as till
date there is no uniform testing method used by all manufacturers to measure rolling

6) Reviews –

Just by looking at a tyre, it would be impossible to judge factors such as wet and
dry handling performance to how quiet the ride would be.

Therefore, it is best to rely on reviews provided by other users to find out about the performance of tyres.

The vast range of tyre brands can make tyre purchasing an exhausting experience but once you adhere to the factors stated above,



you can be assured of buying a set of quality, premium tyres that would surely be a worthwhile investment.