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What is the first sign that you may have a punctured tyre? A low tyre pressure can give you a hint. Most drivers ignore the importance of knowing and checking their car’s tyre pressure regularly. Having a trusted tyre service centre with 24/7 tyre repair services can help you in checking your tyre status on a regular basis anytime, anywhere. Knowing the importance of car tyre pressure can save you from more tyre problems.

What is the Correct Tyre Pressure for My Car Tyres?

Tyre pressure tells you the measurement of air in your pneumatic tyre and if it wears evenly and maintains the correct level of grip on the road surface. Each tyre size and model has its own preferred tyre pressure. New car models have tyre pressure charts to help car owners in maintaining the correct tyre pressure for their car. 

Over-inflated tyres poses the risk of wearing-out easily and at risk of blowing up and skidding. If left unnoticed, it can result in bigger problems like car accidents and we want to avoid that. Same goes for under-inflated car tyres. It can create too much friction on your tyre resulting in its immediate wear and blow out. 

Do not wait for your TPMS or tyre pressure gauge to show a problem, rather have your tyre pressure checked once a month. This can prevent roadside accidents and ensure you and your passengers’ safety all the time. 

How to Check Tyre Pressure?


Do the following step-by-step procedure in checking your car tyre pressure:

  1. Check tyres when it is cold because heat can affect the correct reading of tyre pressure.
  2. Remove the cap of your tyre’s air valve and keep it somewhere visible and easier to find.
  3. For a second or two, press the tire gauge onto the open air valve of your tyre.
  4. Read the air pressure gauge and compare it to the recommended tyre pressure of your tyres.
  5. Put back the cap of your tyre’s air valve unless you need to inflate it.
  6. Repeat the process for the other tyres.

The result of your tyre pressure check can guide you whether you need tyre services or you are still good to go. 

When to Call for Help?

Irregularities in your tyre pressure check are the first sign that you need to contact your trusted tyre service centre. Good thing 24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne is one of the leading tyre service centres in Melbourne. We can deliver tyre puncture repair with just one call and offers 24/7 tyre repair for all your tyre emergencies. 

No need to get stressed from your ‘tyre situations’, 24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne got you covered! Get a quote or get in touch with us by calling 0404 383 990, we will be there anytime, anywhere.