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A car is not a car without its four tyres, right? Every driver knows that checking the tyres before a long drive is necessary. However, we cannot predict when or where our tyres will blow up. When this happens, our instinct tells us to still drive with a flat tyre, not knowing that this may cause bigger damage to our car.

Because of that, many tyre brands started to offer run flat tyres in the 1930s. Since then, a percentage of high-end car companies have included run flat tyre in their units. 

What is a Run Flat Tyre?

As the name suggests, this kind of tyre lets you drive a certain distance even if it is flat or punctured. This will help you get to the nearest auto repair shop without tiring you from replacing it by yourself. Driving with a punctured run flat tyre should be safe at 50 miles per hour or less. Not all cars can switch to run flat tyres. Only car models that have a fully functioning TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) can have this kind of tyres. 


But the big question is, can you repair run flat tyres?

Many tyre brands will suggest a different answer. For example, BMW will recommend you to replace a punctured run flat tyre that you have driven on zero pressure condition because they cannot confirm the integrity of its internal structure. Some tyre experts might say that damaged run flat tyres are still repairable while others will disagree. Of course, you will also think about how to repair a run flat tyre.

As mentioned earlier, it depends on the tyre’s manufacturer. Most of them would recommend a total replacement. Other tyre specialists may consider repairs under certain guidelines approved by the tyre manufacturers.

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