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Tires are more critical than we realize because they are the part that your car drives on. Even the best tires begin to wear out after a few hundred miles, affecting the car’s performance and safety.

Perhaps the most ignored and the most critical part of any trip is the Tires. Even someone who loves their car and enjoys driving could check radiator fluids and oil levels weekly, but tires, aside from the occasional air pressure check, are often overlooked.


However, It’s hard to predict how long a tire would last. A tire’s lifetime and mileage are determined by a variety of factors, including its design, the driver’s habits, the environment, the road conditions, and the care given to the tires.


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Here are some signals that tell you when a replacement is needed.



  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing


If you have uneven wear on one or more tires, it’s normally due to a suspension geometry misalignment of some kind.

Irregular tire wear and tear is caused mainly by driving on poor roads, and the only way to avoid it is to get the wheel alignment and balance tested regularly (as recommended in the car’s owner’s manual).


Even if normal wheel alignment and balance always help your car perform admirably on the lane, it’s likely that the tires needed to be replaced. Frequent driving on hills can also cause irregular wear.

However, as previously mentioned, this can also occur if the suspension or axles are harmed. Get an approved dealership or a mechanic you trust to perform a detailed inspection.


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  • Tread


Tire wear signs are now common on new car tires, and they will provide an educated customer with an instant sign of tire wear. You should also use the “One Rupee Test,” which will tell you whether your tire needs to be replaced or not.


Here’s how to do it step by step:


Step 1: Insert a one-rupee coin into each tread groove. By judging how far the coin goes, you can get fast estimation of the tread depth.


Phase 2: Do this with all of the tires and see how far the coin goes under each one.


There is no need to be concerned if the tread depth is consistent in all grooves of the tire and across all tires. If there is a significant change in tread width, it’s an indication that your vehicle is chewing away at the rubber in the tire.

The only solution is to have the positioning and balance completed to ensure that the camber, castor, and toe are all in proper working order.


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Failure to replace the tires on time can be dangerous in a variety of ways. Owing to the lack of tread material in the tire, worn-out tires have a far higher risk of picking up stray punctures.

Besides, worn-out treads limit the car’s ability to brake in damp conditions. As compared to a new or well-maintained tire, a worn-out tire can take about 70% longer to come to a full halt.