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Understanding tyres-

After spending some serious money on buying new tyres for your car, you are sure to wonder how
to make those tyres last as long as possible. There are several ways to increase the lifespan of your
car tyres but the easiest way is to rotate tyres regularly.

The reason being that as you drive, your tyres develop uneven tread wear patterns, therefore regular tyre rotations improve the performance of your tyres and distribute tyre wear evenly which in turn extends the life of the tyres
and you finally end up saving some money.

How the tyres effects-

The position of a tyre affects the way it wears down. For example, the cars which have their engine
in the front are more likely to notice that the front tyres wear down more quickly than the rear ones.

Another factor that is hugely responsible for your car tyre wearing down is your turning habit. Most
drivers tend to turn faster towards the left than towards the right.

This obviously puts more pressure on the right front-rear tyre leading to earlier wear out.
Rotating the tires would equalize these wear patterns and once you regularly swap tires, you would
notice that your ride is smoother and safer because your traction and handling will be the same
across all tires.

What could you do?

Rotating tyres also benefit you financially because you would not need to change your car tires
regularly. It is recommended that you should go in for a tyre rotation after every 8000 to 12000 km
but it is always good to check with your vehicle manufacturer as they might have a different

Avoiding tyre rotation longer than this would mean uneven and unnecessary tread wear
which can be quite dangerous.

Why to choose a professional service?

Many car owners want to rotate their tyres themselves but remember that a DIY job can sometimes
be more of a headache than being a good idea.

It is always good to depend on a professional service provider to avoid unnecessary time wastage.

It is a better option to either take your vehicle to a professional or ask him to get his mobile tyre service van to your doorstep.

Our expert team at 24/7 mobile tyre services will specifically recommend the best tyre rotation pattern for your vehicle.

A tyre rotation is one of the cheapest car maintenance services. It may not seem like a huge deal
compared to other maintenance tasks but it is extremely important for your safety.

Now that you’ve understood what you gain if you get your car tyres rotated regularly, its time for you to decide
where you wish to get it done.


Schedule an appointment with our qualified technicians at 24/7 mobile tyre services and you’ll be glad you did it!!