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Wheels are one of the most important parts of our car and we must give importance to our tyres by having a professional check on its condition regularly. Neglecting our tyres can cause bigger damage to ourselves and others. Having a reliable mobile tyre service with 24/7 operations can help us be more at peace when driving. They can provide 24/7 tyre repair anytime of the day and perform 24/7 mobile tyre fitting when needed.

We should know the correct tyre size fit for our car and understand the numbers written on its sidewall. This knowledge can help us understand how our tyres function.

1. Tyre Type – This is/are the letter/s written at the start of any tyre size. It is a code telling what class of tyre it is.

  • P – It stands for Passenger vehicle tyre used in SUVs, minivans, small pick-up trucks and crossovers.
  • LT – These letters stand for Light Truck vehicle tyre that can carry heavy loads and is good for towing other cars.
  • ST – It means Special Trailer tyres for different trailers like utility, boat and other travel trailers.

2. Tyre Width – It is the three-digit number that comes after the letter that tells us the width of our tyre from sidewall to sidewall. Most of the time it is measured in millimeters.

3. Aspect Ratio – This is the number following the tyre width separated by a froward slash. It is written as the percentage of the height of the sidewall measured from the top up to the rim. Bigger aspect ratio number means the tyre has a taller sidewall or profile.

4. Construction Type – It is the letter that provides information on how our tyres are constructed.

    • R – It stands for Radial tyre that is the standard for most tyre production today. It is constructed for better gas mileage, better road grip, more riding comfort and durability. The plies in these tyres are laid out perpendicular to the direction of travel.
    • D – It means Diagonal plies in tyres. As the name suggests, the plies inside the tyres are criss-crossed and are known to be the conventional type of tyres.
    • F– This letter symbolizes a run-flat-tyre.

    5. Wheel Diameter – Measured in inches, this number tells us the distance between two bead seat areas. This is where the tyre and wheel are tightly sealed.

    6. Load Index – These are two to three-digit numbers that inform us the maximum capacity the tyre can support when inflated properly.

    7. Speed Rating – It is a letter that tells us the top speed our tyre can handle. The higher the letter, means a higher speed rating is set safe for your tyre to handle.

    Why is it Important to Get the Right Tyre Size for Your Car?

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, it is best that you know the correct tyre size of your car. It can help you in buying tyre replacement with ease and ensure that you are safe when driving. Understanding the numbers on your tyres are most helpful during emergency road breakdowns. You will be able to provide the right tyre size they need to bring for replacement or help them better understand the repairs they can provide for your tyres.

    To have a worry-free long drive, remember the number to call for a trusted mobile tyre service like 24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne. Reach us at 0404 383 990. We are your partner in times of road distress and our operators are always ready to accept your call anytime of the day.