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Why tyres?-

As car drivers, there are a few basic factors that you need to keep in mind in terms of car
maintenance. Normal criteria we all have in mind when it comes to our cars are the petrol levels,
getting the engine oil replaced regularly, the car battery and the condition of your car tyres.

Car tyres are undoubtedly the key components of your car because these are the parts that are
exposed directly to the road and are the legs of the car that help it to travel around.

Even though you might usually think that the tyres of your car are in good condition, they do need to be changed
from time to time. The average lifespan of car tyres is usually 5 to 10 years but it also depends on how much they are used.

It is also important to look out for any sign of wear and tear so that those
can be dealt on time.

Some warning signs that your car needs new tyres :-

1) Tread wear –

One of the most important safety precautions, car owners need to make sure
the tyres are checked for tread wear regularly.

Tread wear refers to the patterns on your tyres that provide friction when you travel on roads so as to prevent loss of car control. If the tread wear becomes too shallow then it is a sure sign that the tyre needs to be replaced.

You should schedule an appointment with a reliable tyre service company at the earliest.

2) Irregular bulges –

If the tyres of your car are showing irregular bulges, then this is a very obvious sign that your car tyres need to be replaced. These bulges are caused when your car goes over various potholes.

But if you continue to drive your car even with those bulges, then it can cause severe damage to not only your car but to you as well. If these bulges are not taken care of by replacing the tyres, then the tyres might explode and cause you to lose
control while driving.

You need to regularly check your car for these bulges and if they are
found, then the tyres need to be replaced as early as possible.

3) Cracks on the surface –

While you are inspecting your car for tread wear or bulges, it is important to look out for any cracks on the surface of the tyres.

Cracks occur because of aging of the tyre, extreme weather conditions or lower than recommended tyre pressure.
Crack in the car tyre is a sign of degrading.

Slight cracks are not as dangerous as severe ones but it is a good idea to deal with them in the beginning rather than prolonging the issue. So, if you see any cracks on your nearest tyre service center and get them replaced.

4) Feel is not right –

This is relevant for all car drivers because even if you don’t check your car
tyres regularly, you know by the feel of your car when anything is wrong.

If you notice that your car is more bumpy than usual or is vibrating much more than it is supposed to or you
are facing difficulty in controlling your car on the road, then it is time to get the car tyres

Most of the tyres that are old and damaged show irregularities while driving, therefore schedule an appointment with your tyre service provider to check what is wrong with your car or its tyres.

5) Age of the car tyres –

As mentioned earlier, all car tyres have a limited life span of 5 to 10 years but it also depends on how much your car is used.

Therefore, if your car tyres are more than 5 years old, then you should get them checked, as a delay could be a threat to
your own safety.

If your car tyres have crossed the 10 year limit, then it is advisable to get then replaced, even if you feel you have maintained them well enough.

Listed above are 5 warning signs that may suggest that your car tyres need replacement. Even
though going in for new tyres could mean an expensive option for you but it is still a better choice
than risking your own safety.

Take your car to the nearest tyre service centre and get it checked because car tyres are a
investment that ensures your safety everyday.