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Tyres and Pressure-

Maintain a proper tyre pressure for long life of tyres

The tyres of your vehicle are much more than just chunks of rubber. They are actually the most important safety features of your vehicle. If they are properly inflated, they can efficiently perform the job they are designed to do. They help to maintain the right amount of traction between the vehicle and the road, absorb shocks and follow directions given by the driver while steering. If the tyres are not properly inflated, then they cannot perform these jobs efficiently.

Why does correct tyre pressure matter?

Tyre pressure is not something that can be taken lightly because it is crucial for the safety of your car, your comfort and the life span of your tyres.

1) Safety –

Low pressure in the tyres would lead to more of the tyres surface area touching the ground, thus resulting in more friction between the tyre and the road. More friction leads to more wear and tear, more generation of heat and together all of this would put tyres at a risk for tread separation, blow out or a major accident.

2) Longevity –

Whether the tyres of your car are over-inflated or under, improper tyre pressure can lead to premature and uneven tyre wear out.

If the tyres of your car are properly inflated, they would surely last longer which would not make you buy new tyres more often.

3) Comfort –

When the tyre pressure is too high, the area of the tyre that touches the ground is too less, making your ride feel harder and bouncier. This would cause traction in your vehicle making you bump on the road.

4) Fuel efficiency –

Incorrect tyre pressure can make you head to the petrol pump for fuel more often. If you maintain proper pressure in your tyres, then you can improve your gas mileage by up to 3%. It is advisable to check tyre pressure at least once a month but checking it every time you take your vehicle to fill gas, is also a safe bet.

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