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Looking to upgrade or replace your tyres? Tyres come in all shapes and sizes, and most vehicles are compatible with multiple tyres. Learning how to read tyre sizes can ensure you find the right fit, without extra cost or headaches.

From the family car to light trucks for your commercial fleet, your vehicle is fitted with tyres of a specific size. It’s crucial you choose tyres matching the correct dimensions to ensure you stay safe on Melbourne’s roads, minimise damage, and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

24/7 Mobile Tyre Service Melbourne is proud to stock the widest range of tyre sizes to suit your vehicle including passenger cars, 4WDs, utility vehicles, 4x4s, and commercial trucks.

What size tyre do I need?

When it comes to your tyres, one size does NOT fit all. If you’re uncertain what size tyres you need, the required size can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual, or printed on the sidewall of your current tyres. This is written as a sequence of numbers and letters which carry their own meaning.

For example, a tyre size 205/55R1691V can be broken down to 5 parts.

205 – Width of the tyre in millimeters

55 – Height of the tyre (measured between wheel rim and top of the tyre) as a percentage of the tyre width, also known as aspect ratio. For example, this tyre has an aspect ratio of 55, which means the height of the tyre is equal to 55% of the width (205mm). This equals roughly 112.75mm.

R16 – Diameter of the rim in inches

91 – Load index of the tyre (which corresponds to the weight each tyre can carry safely)

V – Speed index, which indicates the maximum speed the tyre can be safely driven at

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We understand the importance of tyre fit, with the right size ensuring you’re driving on the road at optimal safety, speed and performance. If you need help selecting the right size tyre, contact our friendly team today for support.

Ready to get back on the road with the right fit and an unbeatable price? Choose from our range of tyre sizes below and our fully mobile service will deliver tyres to your home, office or nominated address anywhere in Melbourne and surrounds.

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